About the Video Feed

Welcome to the FurCast live video feed.

This live feed enables you to watch the show in progress. Using multiple studio cameras and a high quality audio feed to add in you can enjoy watching us flail and act like idiots, live.

Despite having this live video feed we still are a radio show however, not a TV show. It’s not necessary to use this feed in order to enjoy what we’re really all about. That’s where our audio stream comes in.

Don’t have enough internet bandwidth? No problem for the MP3 feed. But hey, got the extra tube space? Like watching us humiliate ourselves? Enjoy.

There is an HTML5 & HLS based player above or…

Other Ways to Watch the Video Feed

Directions / Examples:

  • iOS: Just by visiting this page on your device, the video player above will automatically be configured to play video through Quicktime. Hit play! :3 You can also try the “HLS” links below.
  • Android: Copy the RTSP URL, and use the free version of the app BSPlayer to tune in. You can also try the “HLS” links below.
  • VLC Media Player: With VLC 2.1 or later, copy the RTMP URL (right click), in VLC select “Media > Open Network Stream,” paste the URL, and hit “Play.”
  • XBMC: Copy the RTSP URL, paste it in a text file, then change the extension of the file to “.strm.” Place the file somewhere XBMC can access, then just play the file from the XBMC interface. More info.
  • Pop-up Web Player: https://furcast.fm/player

Standard Definition:

Video: 800kbps H.264 Baseline 640×360 (360p) 29.97fps BT.601 / SMPTE 170m
Audio: 256kbps 44.1khz MP3
Total: 1056kbps*

High Definition:

Video: 2,500kbps H.264 Main 1280×720 (720p) 59.94fps BT.709
Audio: 256kbps 44.1khz AAC
Total: 2,756kbps Total*

*Total bandwidth does not include network overhead, protocol overhead, or encoder variances.

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