Video Feed

Other Ways to Watch Live

  • YouTube Live: A simulcast might be available. Check our YouTube channel.
  • iOS: See HLS URLs below.
  • Android: See HLS URLs below. If your device or Android version can’t natively play HLS links, try using VLC Media Player.
  • VLC Media Player: Copy a HLS URLs below. “Media > Open Network Stream,” paste the URL, and then “Play.”
  • Google Chrome / Chromium: Neat little extension called “Native HLS Playback” lets you play HLS feeds using the browser’s native player. See HLS URLs below.
  • Chromecast (beta): The settings menu in the player above will include a “Cast This” button if a Chromecast is detected. If it’s missing, try giving this page a refresh. If it’s still missing, try something like this site which lets you manually instruct a Chromecast to fetch a URL (URLs listed below.) Note: You will need the Chromecast Ultra or better to handle the 1080p stream reliably.
  • Pop-up Web Player:

HLS Stream URLs

  • HLS links listed by provider & quality. Right click to copy URLs, or tap on a mobile device.
    [streamlist type=”video” format=”link”]

Nerdy Tech Info:


  • Video: 800kbps H.264 Main 640×360 (360p) 29.97fps
    • Standards:
      • Color Matrix: BT.601 & 
      • Color Primaries: BT.709
      • Transfer: BT.709 & BT.1886
  • Audio: 128kbps 44.1khz AAC
  • Total: 928kbps
  • Source: Scaled on CDN, x264


  • Video: 3,500kbps H.264 Main 1920×1080 (1080p) 59.94fps
    • Standard: BT.709 & BT.1886
  • Audio: 256kbps 44.1khz AAC
  • Total: 3,756kbps
  • Source: Studio encoder, x264