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You can support all XBN shows through the FurCast patreon page. It includes added perks such as recorded pre-shows and post-show downloads! More information available on our FurCast Patreon page.

FurCast Patreon

If you donated $5/month+ on Patreon, you can fill out this form to receive a shoutout on FurCast. (Updated Monthly. If you notice your shoutout is missing or incorrect please send us an email and let us know)

Sponsor: Twin Tail Creations

Thank you to Twin Tail Creations for sponsoring our flagship FurCast Live show!

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Thank you so much to everyone for your support for over a decade! We hope to continue producing content you’ll enjoy.

Thank You

As you know, FurCast and all related services are always provided to you free of charge, but let’s face it producing this show is not free. The idea of us making money off producing this show is impossible. Why? Every bit of money we can get our paws on goes right back into the show anyway! We may dedicate our money, time, and energy into doing these shows, but our primary goal is to continue to provide quality entertainment.

Every single dollar that is donated to this show you can be sure will help us. If you’ve been with us for some time you’ve hopefully noticed our constant desire to improve. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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