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Missing Blue

We prepped for a normal episode, but the blue never arrived! With lots of improv, items from what would have been this episode’s link roundup and some chatroom Q&A, a red wolf and a pink husky barked for an hour or two. We rescheduled the originally planned episode for Sunday night which became episode 240.

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Knot FurCast

Fayroe called out sick and CJ was out of town. Then Paradox got sick. Well, it was either cancel, or do something special, so we did! With the cameras turned off and a cup of tea in hand, Paradox played through some YouTube videos that have been building in the video recommendation cue for a while.

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Snow Day

This week instead of canceling we decided to Skype Fayroe into the studio and have a quick discussion about just what was going on where the studio is located. Just south of Buffalo New York, more than 6 feet of snow, driving banned in almost every town, school closed for the month, the National Guard called in, lives lost, it’s been a little crazy!

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