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Hipster File System

Hipster File System (HFS) is a proprietary file system developed by FurCast Inc. for use in computer systems running FurOS. Originally designed for use on crappy laptop HDDs and floppy disks, it can also be found on read-only media such as CD-ROMs.

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Down a host, but back from a con! Lots of stories from AnthroCon and plenty of insane news to boot. While the content was shifted around in schedule, this episode turned out pretty good. :3

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A great guest from afar joins us for an otherwise small crew this week to discuss various shenanigans. A good round of emails as well! Really it was. I mean it’s not like I’m writing this episode description while currently half asleep on a computer at work pulling subjective terms to describe how it went out of my ass or anything… No seriously though the guest was pretty good, we got to have a nice short interview with our friend Mishka from the first article and uh yeah, emails were good too. It was good. Really. BELIEVE IT.

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