Season 6 Episodes


Florida Minus

Pretty sure we were all sick when we produced this episode. Oh well! It had great guests and a fantastic interview to boot. Some final good vibes to end the year and thus this season of FurCast. We’ll be returning in a few weeks though. Stay tuned to news posts and social media. The future is bright!

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A rock solid 5-star show. With one of the biggest stories we’ve ever covered plus our awesome international guest Cueball joining, this episode covers all bases. An episode away from going on our season break it felt great to not only cover the story of a lifetime, but to reminisce with the fans at MFF who joined us there. Thank you to all who were behind the massive effort required to pull off this episode. It paid off.

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Naked Knight

With just Paradox and Fayroe in the studio we churn through some interesting and also hilarious news, finish off a great round of emails and somehow end up nearly drunk at the end of the episode despite not drinking anything. Well then. See you all at MFF!

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4K Bulge

Fayroe’s bulging blueness now in UHD 2160p. Not sure what the point is though. Anyway, a rough transitioning yet great content containing episode. Enjoy! Or don’t, if you have bad hardware scaling on that 6G-SDI input. Luckily Fayroe’s blueness doesn’t moirĂ© badly. 1080p is enough to make out his 4:2:2 blue, white, and black ratio. (what are you talking about i’m not a nerd).

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