Season 5 Episodes


Penguin Prostitutes

A crazy 5-star episode with great news, emails, stupid laughs and FurCast crew chemistry antics. Another one of those episodes that made us feel fantastic by the very end, hopefully it does for you too! Hope you feel really good. Really really good. In some very special places. Your personal special place. Right in your .

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Furry Standard Time

Furry Standard Time (FST), also Furry Daylight Time (FDT) is the standard of time with which most members of the furry fandom subscribe. It is derived from the normal location time zone plus several delay hours, missed texts, dropped phone calls, miscommunication and cars breaking down. Oh, and a few more hours of delay after that. Can’t get enough of those.

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Radioactive Bodily Fluids

Which bodily fluids is a choice I leave to you! A crazy noisy post-anthrocon episode filled to the brim both in studio guests and in news content. This packed rocky starting but still quite decent episode is a great return back to the studio from the awesome time with all you guys at AC2013! Also, Fayroe’s fursuit holy shit it’s SO CUTE.

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