Season 5 Episodes


War On Christmas

We made it to 150 episodes holy shit! After a round of gift giving and opening of some amazing donations and gifts from fans, we take on a full hour of news and have lots of great discussions over some in-depth fan emails. A laid back, but full fledged holiday show to complete 150 weekends of producing this ridiculous podcast to all you lovely fuckers. <3 Murry Yiffmas!

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Nipple Blindness

Well if the show title isn’t enough then I’ll say it here: an amazing classic trio episode packed with an extended intro, hilarious news, great emails and some falling off the chair laughing moments to boot. Enjoy!

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It’s Fayroe’s womb exodus day! 😀 With a special guest and plenty of crazy emails, it’s another packed show. We also broke a live audience record, with over 400 people tuned in concurrently during the first hour! Thanks everyone!

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