Season 3 Episodes


Uncle Fayroe

Wow. Just, WOW. We broke our concurrent live listener count record, and we had an amazing interveiw with Nuka Kitty and Alkane from National Geographic’s Taboo episode on furries (among other things). A great way to start off the new year, and quite a great episode included to back it up. Love you, furfags!

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A slow start that picked up towards the end. Another decent show to keep everyone entertained until the awesome interviews in the coming weeks. :3 Anyway, the show title has “Butt” in it. Hehehe. That makes me giggle.

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Odd Sexual Dice

A slow intro to a fantastic episode. In fact, it’s perfect to leave you all with, since next week we’re in Chicago for Midwest FurFest 2011! 😀 After that we’ll be back for more shows. Hopefully Paradox and Fayroe will get some quality pair-bonding time while they’re there! ;3

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