Season 2 Episodes


Carpet Munched

A good episode, with- WOAH JOSH IS BACK! Your favorite old time host Criterion, stopped in this week, and hey, maybe next week too! Some great random moments including one of the most random ever, but, other than that, great email coverage, good tips, and you all got what you wanted. Yay!

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Thick Blue

A good show, with some good laughs, and some good… holy shit we forgot to record the first half of the episode! Oh well, thanks to the auto archive system, spliced, full, and back together again, this episode has some more great moments to slap down in our book of memories. :3

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The Door Slammers

Back from AnthroCon 2011 and a bit disorganized, we crack down on some interesting news, show off our live interview with Nuka at the con, and have some really fun debates. For two of the hosts being sick not to mention being distracted by the new studio camera system, I think we did a good job in the end. :3

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Black Wolf Red Bandana

Another milestone made. Record breaking website hits. Record breaking concurrent live listeners, amazing discussions. Thanks to everyone who made this particular episode the success that it was. Can’t wait for AnthroCon 2011 after producing this!

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The Answer To FurCast

This episode was a bit strange. No Fayroe, some interesting news, some neat topics as usual, then some emails, but after the emails… A huge discussion on where FurCast is going, where we need to go, what the problems are and more. Change is coming. The next few shows will be a big game changer. The future is bright.

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