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So “understandable” is a valid word, correct? So, un-understandable… well, there’s two “un”s. Does this mean that they cancel each other out, and it’s just “derstandable?” AHH I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

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Kissing For Donations

Donations for kissing? No it’s kissing for donations. No wait it’s the other way. N-no I mean… we’re really whores? It’s the same either way! NO WAY! We kissed for donations! Wow. It was worth the $100 bucks… I mean, it really was. You know, now that I think about it, everyone should donate $1000! Everyone throw chunks of money in the air! They might kiss for longer! Please?

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Well written, well supported, well answered and well purposed emails, made this show totally worth broadcasting mid week. Combined with the secret cheat codes needed to bypass the “homophobic anti-furry parents” level of the game of life, everyone seemed to be satisfied. Now you can play again and try to beat your last clock time on difficult mode!

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Floppy Ass Cheeks

HNNNNNGGGGGGHHH!! B-back in my day… HNNNNNNNFFFF! Us young whippersnappers didn’t… HURRRR!!!!!!!!! Host radio HNNNNNGG s-s-shows about NNFF ff-f-furry f-faggots. Awww I pooped again.

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Those damn StraightFags. Likin’ people of the opposite sex! What sick minds. They should all go to hell. Straight marriage? Seriously? What next? Marrying other animals? Sheesh. Some people need to do what’s morally right, and stop being so sick in the head. Damn straight people.

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Pixies Up The Nose

Some furries did some kind of radio or something. They answered a lot of emails. OH, and since a bunch of people donated, they snorted Pixie Sticks live. So, anyway, where am I?…. Who am I? What is this little grey box? WHY AM I STUCK IN HERE? HELP! I’M TRAPPED IN A PODCAST FEED!!

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Frosty Funeral

Another round of under produced banter based on viewer e-mail thingies. Josh turns into a zombie, which we gracefully put on a leash and keep as a pet, by viewer request. The chat room gets just a bit more crazy, and the echo filter just gets a little bit more wet. It’s getting REALLY hard to come up with crap for these descriptions by the way…

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Pube Wigs

As we all know, most actors, including famous ones, wear wigs when ever they are acting for a movie, right? So, with that logic, does that mean that porn stars wear wigs for their pubes when they act? Oh, by the way, best furcast episode yet. …yet… ye…t…. Uhm, is there an echo in here? …here… he…re…re…. Haha awesome there is! …is…is… PUBES!…. pubes… pu…bes…..

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2 Furries 1 Human

2 Furries 1 Human is the unofficial nickname of the trailer for Hungry Bastages, a fur-fetish pornographic film produced by ..::XANA::.. Creations. The trailer features two furries conducting themselves in fetishistic intimate relations, including hosting a talk show with a human, taking turns ostensibly consuming the deductions, and elaborating it into each other’s mouths.

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