Season 1 Episodes


Murry Yiffmas

Just like the episode 1 description said, I bet most radio shows only wish they could have kicked off as awesome we just did, not only our first episode, but this entire season. We’re happy, proud, excited, pumped, and can not wait to be back on air. Fans murred and tails waged as the first season ends, of something that’s only just begun. Murry Yiffmas everyone!

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Frizzling Foxes

Frizzling foxes fuck federal faculty fervently as FurCast furs fling flame at failing RAM, furthermore the freaking chat flamed Minecraft for the fifth time until fatigue forced them to fornicate to the sounds of Stryder’s winning station-id.

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Weaponized Air Conditioner

With the new topic voting system 50% integrated into the show as planed, everyone braces their positions. Using the “Integrated Assault Handles” on the side of each standard sized window A/C Unit (Refer to CoolMan-3000 Owners Manual Pg. 2 Main Diagram), the show hosts bash down onto the bloody carcasses of every last email left over, and each new topic. A bloody mess at the end, but well worth it.

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Pizza Sluts

A last minute broadcast, just before leaving for Midwest FurFest 2010. Ended up being a great episode and a nice test of the new topic vote system. I guess we might have gotten a bit racist. Oh well.

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Ejaculating Powder

Ejaculating Powder can help you become a better male, today. Talk to your doctor about Ejaculating Powder. Ejaculating Powder is not for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Infact Ejaculating Powder is not for woman. Ejaculating Powder is also not for people with a vagina, squishy chest nubs, or people who like working in the kitchen like they should. Side effects of Ejaculating Powder include ejaculating powder, ejaculating, small urges to listen to podcasts, and running out of ideas for descriptions of these podcasts.

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Dick Fingers

That damn troll! You type harder, and harder. You’re so angry at him. Maybe if you furiously press your fingers down with more energy against the assorted momentary switches on your keyboard, you will win. Your fingers harden, grow, get bigger. Suddenly your fingers are giant cocks. The troll is wrong. Cock-transformation IS real! Then you realize that this episode description belongs in a story on a fetish website. Sorry I can’t continue. Anyway, great episode.

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Molecular Duct Tape

Imagine piecing together little molecules of proof together with molecular duct tape. It’s the proof that furries are crazy. It’s the proof that you, the human needs, to prove that these faggots are wrong. But, it doesn’t exist. You’ll never find tape that small. You are lost. The furries win. YIFF!

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The Nipple Prophet

Some sugar high fur fags, some studio equipment, some awesome viewer emails to read, a video feed, and you can pretty much render what this episode is. Another awesome show. Thanks, you lovely murr puppies.

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Sandpaper Sex

It was all fun and games, until these crazy furry fags started sending in emails. It was then, that the world changed. Now look where we are! Canada has healthcare and we don’t? It takes me .8 seconds just to load this web page even! Man, life just sucks.

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