Fan Participation and Show Topics

FurCast being a live talk show means that having an abundance of good topics is very important. Ever since the very first episode, FurCast has remained heavily influenced by it’s fans and listeners. This is done through several different input systems, such as:

Fan Emails

We get lots of fan emails, and each FurCast host reads every single email. Emails can range from having their own topics and questions, to being simple shoutouts and commentary.


  1. Upon emailing us, don’t expect us to answer your email anytime soon on the show. Sometimes we get hundreds of emails a week, other times almost none!
  2. If your email involves a time constraint, such as a question you have on what to do at a public event happening next weekend, don’t expect us to be able to answer the email by then. We’ll try. Can’t promise anything!

Overall, don’t be intimidated, email us! Send ’em all down to: [email protected]. On each show, we’ll read through your emails so we can get your ideas, questions, and topics on the air too.

Official Subreddit

From links, to interviewee questions, to topic suggestions, the FurCast Official Subreddit is the place to be for fan submitted content that’s public and open for debate.

So hop on over to the FurCast Official Subreddit where you can have fun voting, commenting on and submitting content.

Live Phone Calls

During the show from time to time, we allow fans to call in and give us their viewpoint topics, or ask questions of their own.

Please follow these guidelines:

All phone numbers, skype contact information and more can be found on the Contact Us page.