Ever since the very first episode, FurCast has remained heavily influenced by it’s fans and listeners. This is done through several different participation methods such as:


Fan Emails

We get lots of fan emails, and each FurCast host reads every single email. Emails can range from having their own topics and questions, to being simple shoutouts and commentary. Feel free to email us for support, questions about the show, or questions to be read for on-air discussion.

We may not get to your email anytime soon, or ever! We pick and choose either at random, or when an email resonates with our topics & discussion.

Overall, don’t be intimidated! Send ’em all down to: [email protected].


IRC Chat Room

In short, chat room interaction is part of what makes the live show fun! We have a whole webpage for the chatroom.


Official Subreddit

From links, to interviewee questions, to topic suggestions, the FurCast Official Subreddit is the place to be for fan submitted content that’s public and open for discussion.

So hop on over to the FurCast Official Subreddit.


Live Phone Calls

Traditionally we take these after the podcast recording on the live show, but there’s always exceptions.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Be ready to mute or turn down the volume on our broadcast when your call gets answered. Otherwise you’ll be hearing yourself twice 5 seconds later!
  • Try to call in with something to say or discuss in mind ahead of time.
  • We answer calls at random from the queue, so keep ringing in and eventually we’ll answer!

All phone numbers, skype contact information and more can be found on the Contact Us page.

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