FurCast Telegram Chat

  • Telegram: @FurCastFM
  • Rules listed below
  • Now that FurCast has ended, the community primarily uses Telegram. Below are the generic directions for joining XBN chat rooms, as well as the rules which apply to all chat rooms.



Live IRC Chat

The chat room is the place to be when you’re tuned into the show! Based on good ‘ole IRC, you can use your own chat client or use a browser based one provided below. Here are a few ways you can connect and participate:

  • Open pop-up chat:
  • Alternatively use your own IRC client:
    • Hostname:
    • Channel: #furcast
    • Port: 6697
    • SSL/TLS required.
  • For other ways to chat or communicate with us, visit the Contact page.

Telegram and IRC Rules

FurCast strives to be a welcoming, constructive, and inclusive community that’s sex-positive, kink-positive, and intolerant of bigotry. We’ve done our best to outline the following rules so everyone knows what to expect, and to protect our growing community:

  1. You must be 18 or older to join. This is to protect you, the community, and the staff from legal issues.
  2. Adult Content is welcome, but it must be shared in ways described below:
    1. Adult visual content must not be displayed openly in the chat. This includes current profile photos, and things that appear to be adult or contain prominent (high-contrast or large) adult text. Imagine parents, professors, or bosses walking by and being able to see the screens of other users, in all time zones.
    2. Members are welcome to post links to adult content with image preview disabled, tagged “NSFW”, and with a description. We have a bot (@murrcastbot) to help share content more easily.
    3. Descriptions should usefully describe the content. See the examples in the FAQ.
    4. Follow the conversation, bulk submissions and contextless posts can be spammy.
    5. Use your judgement and don’t post content that may be illegal in western culture, including sexual cub art and real life sexual imagery of animals (feral art & stories are okay). In addition, avoid posting harder kinks such as gore, scat, and depictions of abuse. We’re not here to kink shame but we want to be respectful of others. Consider that this chat isn’t the best venue for some genres. Macro steppy is cute until someone gets hurt.
  3. Discussions
    1. Adult discussions are welcome, we’re a sex-positive and kink-positive community. Keep it consensual, safe, and classy.
    2. Discussions, especially those about controversial topics, need to be respectful, courteous, constructive, and in good faith. Moderators may guide conversation topics to maintain a friendly atmosphere.
    3. Don’t dominate the channel. No spam, no meme circlejerk, discussions only two people care about should go to PMs, extended RP should go to PMs.
    4. Don’t get people in legal trouble, including yourself. No piracy. Instead of sharing copyrighted files please link to YouTube or similar.
    5. Get explicit permission from the sender before you share media or personal messages.
  4. Everyone should feel welcome here, regardless of skill level, background, race, sex, gender, orientation, fursona species, kinks, or anything else.
    1. People who interfere with this or are members of hate groups will be asked to leave. We do not tolerate intolerance.
    2. No doxxing or harassment. No exceptions.
  5. Moderation concerns
    1. Issues with rule enforcement should be sent by PM to a moderator. Do not argue in the channel/group.
    2. We do our best to be fair and consistent, but moderators always have the last word.


  • How do I report a problem?
    • PM a moderator
    • If riley has implemented it yet, say @admin to have the bot get our attention
  • Can I share, post, or advertise this business/project/fundraiser/___?
    • Occasionally, sure. Just don’t be spammy, and please provide context for why it’s relevant to the community. If you have any doubts, PM an admin first!
  • What does “useful description” for adult content mean?
    • It should be detailed enough that someone who’s not into that knows not to click it.
    • Examples:
      • “Nude hyper macro dragon does a steppy”
      • “IRL shower selfie”
      • “Coyote friend getting con-noncon vored”
      • “Snep boy watersports”
  • Can I use an SFW sticker that’s part of an NSFW sticker pack?
    • Sure
  • What can I do if someone is making me uncomfortable but not really breaking the rules?
    • Bring it up to a moderator. Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal, chances are you aren’t the only one feeling this way. We can monitor the situation and have a greater chance at resolving it if we have more feedback.
  • Are there common values of the community that aren’t exactly rules?
    • We will do what’s necessary to build up and protect this community. We aren’t the government, this isn’t a democracy.
    • We’d like to avoid glorifying things like drunk or distracted driving, hard drugs, harmful or unhealthy behavior, weapons, or this week’s spicy twitter callout drama. Don’t be surprised when we guide away from extended conversations about these topics.
  • Why are your adult content rules so weird?
    • We don’t want to exclude people who are at school, at work, in public, or just don’t like that stuff, but we also want to support body positivity and sex positivity.
    • Having a separate AD group would increase the load on the moderators, especially if we needed to guide SFW discussions back to the main group so others could participate.
  • Do you have a Discord?
    • Not for now. It would be a massive amount of added moderator effort, especially with voice, and we’re not interested in the platform at this time.
  • Can I be in only the NSFW channel?
    • No.