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Penguin Prostitutes

A crazy 5-star episode with great news, emails, stupid laughs and FurCast crew chemistry antics. Another one of those episodes that made us feel fantastic by the very end, hopefully it does for you too! Hope you feel really good. Really really good. In some very special places. Your personal special place. Right in your .

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Blue Sold Separately

A productive yet slow and simple episode with just Paradox and Mattox. Fayroe left us. HE LEFT US. D: I had to document these show notes and everything! Oh the horror. As a side note, Windex although ironically blue itself, does a great job at removing previous blueness from recording studios Fayroe frequents.

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No Mojo

There was no mojo. Guess the foxes stole it. Better luck next week! (It wasn’t really that bad) (Yes it was) (No it wasn’t) (Yes it was) (No, ACTUALLY, it wasn’t, and stop touching my keyboarrr- I don’t have you listen to you you’re a wolf!)

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Pantsexuality, also referred to as trousersexuality, refers to the potential for sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction towards pants of all gender styles and material types.

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In this episode of Shed, we find a hidden away radio podcast hosted by some furries in this small Shed. Using a weak cracked WiFi connection and a spliced 15amp power line, they maintain full interest from their loyal fans by mocking this TV documentary about Sheds in their episode description post.

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