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In this episode of Shed, we find a hidden away radio podcast hosted by some furries in this small Shed. Using a weak cracked WiFi connection and a spliced 15amp power line, they maintain full interest from their loyal fans by mocking this TV documentary about Sheds in their episode description post.

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Bapa Pear

A nice fun relaxing episode filled wi- RRRAAAGGGEEE -th Shroud coming back, some nice emails, an awesome interv- RRRAAAGGGEEE -iew with awesome comic writers, and last but not lea- RRRAAAGGGEEE -st Mattox experiences some “RRRAAAGGGEEE.” Then afterward we… Wait, what just happened?

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The Door Slammers

Back from AnthroCon 2011 and a bit disorganized, we crack down on some interesting news, show off our live interview with Nuka at the con, and have some really fun debates. For two of the hosts being sick not to mention being distracted by the new studio camera system, I think we did a good job in the end. :3

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Black Wolf Red Bandana

Another milestone made. Record breaking website hits. Record breaking concurrent live listeners, amazing discussions. Thanks to everyone who made this particular episode the success that it was. Can’t wait for AnthroCon 2011 after producing this!

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