Episodes with Josh


Transformer Furry

Almost 30 episodes! Wheeee *wags tail*. Oh, wait. I’m a podcast syndication engine. I don’t have a tail. I don’t even have feelings. All I do is serve web pages and render RSS feeds. I can’t even have cute ears. Life just sucks. You know what? I’m just going to go kill myself. Aww crap. I don’t have permissions for ending processes on the server. Dammit!

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Male Truck

The good, the bad, the ugly. Wait, shouldn’t a sentence like that be the show-title? Anyway, we cracked down on some serious answers and psychological debates and then ran ourselves down a sled hill packed with some of our worst emails near the end. A necessary fight, a good ending.

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Divorced Sock Puppets

I storm of snowy emails, at a slower pace that last show, we completed the round. Successful, and on the edge of our seats, the crew retired for some end of the show phone calls, a live DJ mix, and a movie. Post shows are awesome. Episode is just as good.

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A super fast announcement, for a super sudden Wednesday broadcast, for a super speed rundown of our email backlogs. Rushed on our end, hilarious on the listener end, this is yet another episode to knock your… paws off?

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Slaves With Lasers

With emails coming in faster than they can read, the show hosts sat down for 3 hours, and read every single email. Categorized, organized, and ready to roll, episode 24 was cranked out on a cold Saturday night. Successful and efficient, the radio headed furries deemed another successful broadcast, and another step closer to what ever the the goal of this show is even supposed to be. w00t

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Frizzling Foxes

Frizzling foxes fuck federal faculty fervently as FurCast furs fling flame at failing RAM, furthermore the freaking chat flamed Minecraft for the fifth time until fatigue forced them to fornicate to the sounds of Stryder’s winning station-id.

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Pizza Sluts

A last minute broadcast, just before leaving for Midwest FurFest 2010. Ended up being a great episode and a nice test of the new topic vote system. I guess we might have gotten a bit racist. Oh well.

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Ejaculating Powder

Ejaculating Powder can help you become a better male, today. Talk to your doctor about Ejaculating Powder. Ejaculating Powder is not for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Infact Ejaculating Powder is not for woman. Ejaculating Powder is also not for people with a vagina, squishy chest nubs, or people who like working in the kitchen like they should. Side effects of Ejaculating Powder include ejaculating powder, ejaculating, small urges to listen to podcasts, and running out of ideas for descriptions of these podcasts.

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