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Suggestive Trees

A long time missed guest joins us this evening. A quick demo of how to find furries near you, followed by what started as a normal news segment that turned into a huge debate about the theoreticals of human rights against science. Afterward, we finished off with some emails.

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Fayroeless. There’s nothing fun about it. No blue, no straight sexuality, no blueness, no headbutting, no bluenessness. This episode is, strange. We actually got stuff done! Sorry about that guys… Fayroe usually keeps us from doing our jobs but, this time we were able to do them. Hope that doesn’t make this episode so productive that it’s high quality. We need Fayroe back to mess up the show again. :'(

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One Of Those Days

*sighs* It’s just one of those days. A full studio crew tonight, just like FNT was last night. Good for some ADHD style radio show hosting *cringe*. Anyway, FurFright 2011 is next week so there won’t be a show… but Paradox will be there! 😀

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Carpet Munched

A good episode, with- WOAH JOSH IS BACK! Your favorite old time host Criterion, stopped in this week, and hey, maybe next week too! Some great random moments including one of the most random ever, but, other than that, great email coverage, good tips, and you all got what you wanted. Yay!

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