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The Gideon Stock Market

In other news, the GID is up today after some comments on a porn website, bumped the already over exaggerated thumbnail to the top of the list, causing a massive Gideon tag surge. Investors still continue for their goals, hopefully not over 5 feet for this month.

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Anthropomorphic Cancer

We’re back, for another wild season. Unable to even THINK about reading and discussing topics, the show hosts crammed down, email after email, to keep the viewers happy. Capping off at our highest viewer number at any one given time (TWICE what it was before), the show hosts relaxed, chilled, drunk a cup of tea, and said “I think we’re satisfied.”

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Kissing For Donations

Donations for kissing? No it’s kissing for donations. No wait it’s the other way. N-no I mean… we’re really whores? It’s the same either way! NO WAY! We kissed for donations! Wow. It was worth the $100 bucks… I mean, it really was. You know, now that I think about it, everyone should donate $1000! Everyone throw chunks of money in the air! They might kiss for longer! Please?

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