Methods to listen

  • The player above.
  • .m3u files below.
  • Copy/paste one of the raw URLs below into any software or mobile app that supports custom network stream URLs.
  • For mobile users: Get the FurCast app
    • Not supported on your device? Use a streaming utility like TuneIn (or any app that allows a custom stream entry) and add a custom URL (see below for direct URLs) or you can attempt to click one of the quality links below (works on iOS devices with Quicktime).

Manually Connect — .M3U & direct urls

.m3u files work in iTunes, Quicktime, Winamp, Foobar2000, Banshee, VLC Media Player and more…

Download .m3u files (right click, save as):

Direct URLs

  • Low Quality (64k) Live Stream — 64k (44.1khz) Stereo HE-AAC (SBR)
  • High Quality (320k) Live Stream — 320k (44.1khz) Stereo MP3
  • 24/7 Archive Stream — 128k 44.1/48khz Stereo MP3

Streaming server status page:

XBN Streaming Server Status Page —

All streams support optional HTTPS.

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