Archive Torrents

We’ve prepared torrents for downloading the FurCast Live archive. The audio torrent contains “uncut” (patreon) versions where available.

Audio (75GiB):

Video (666 GiB):

Special thanks to @rileywd for helping to generate the archive, as well as many of our community chat members for helping to seed.

If you need a torrent client, either Transmission or qBittorrent may be good options for you.

If you can, we’d appreciate your help seeding for at least a few weeks. :3


  1. “we’d appreciate your help seeding for at least a few weeks”

    No worries Alex, I already seeded your mother last night

  2. Thank you so much for the years of Furcast, I listened to you while I was a teenager. Now I’m an adult who is not so involved with the community any more but thank you for helping me forge my own identity and not worry what others think of me. Thank you furcast I LOVE YOU <333

  3. If anyone has problems with uTorrent or Transmission not working on the video torrent, I finally got it to work with Vuze without a problem!

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