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Seen this going around? If it’s not available in your country try searching around for “furry kid web redemption.”

While at first glance you’d think “oh god no crapcrapcrap” in what once was the media destroying the furry fandom, that doesn’t seem to be the case this time. Lately it seems the media has been reduced to satirical entertainment and comedy set to such a crazy standard that everyone can get just get a simple laugh, make their “to each their own” statements and move on with life. We sat down with KusaFox (the furry starring in this Tosh.O web redemption) to talk to him about his experience both in the clip’s production and it’s outcome. Whether you enjoyed the web redemption or not, it’s clear that the perspective on what media does to the furry fandom is changing drastically, for better or for worse. We say for better. What about you?

Audio clip of the interview:

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This clip aired live on FurCast Episode 139.

KusaFox’s FA: kusakara


  1. I agree, the perspective has gotten better. Now, they’re making jokes about the fact that they themselves are making jokes about it.
    When they go overboard criticizing “furry”, they go WAY overboard, deliberately and exaggeratingly making it obvious that they don’t mean what they say.
    I actually really enjoyed the web redemption, i found it hilarious.
    There will always be idiots who take things literally. They choose their ignorance. And they don’t matter.

  2. so, my mate’s mom saw this a few days ago, and is disgusted by the fact that my mate calls herself a furry. I personally find it funny because her mom is on of those idiots who take things too literally. I loved watching this, I’ve never personally seen the show, but watching on here made me laugh quite a bit. I loved this, especially that ending, but her mom saying how this disgusted her, and how she thinks my mate is weird for calling herself a furry, just annoys me, oh well, just another reason for me to not like her mother.

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