About the show

FurCast is a furry syndicated comedy weekend talk show oriented toward furry and therian communities produced by XBN.

FurCast is created and hosted by the over-analytical furry lifestyling Paradox, the blue philosophical realist Fayroe, and the drifting pink dog CJ.

It all comes live right here, thanks to the XANA Broadcasting Network as well as several servers we forgot to pay for. You can tune in live on our website to both video and audio feeds, download each episode for free from our archive that finally has a cast page, subscribe to our podcast RSS feed if that’s your thing or even find us on iTunes, a great way to avoid having to use our website.

Tail wagging action. Saturdays at 8PM ET. (Sundays at 0100 UTC Standard, Sundays at 0000 UTC Daylight Savings)

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