About the show

Would you like to read this description box and have it not be filled with utterly useless text like the last site? Do you have an unusual hatred for wordy bullshit? Are you intrigued by the idea of it actually describing the show instead of pretentious overly descriptive wordplay? Would you relish the opportunity to be done reading this paragraph and move on to a more functional website that displays only the most relevant information? Then you would love the new FurCast site.

From the awesome guys down at ..::XANA::.. Creations, and the producers of the
mindless Friday Night Tech Show, comes another podcast website that is surely lacking in IE compatibility, while continuing to be interesting, fun and not painful to look at.

FurCast’s website is created and hosted by the analytical furry lifestyling Paradox, the crafted web-developing codesmith Zumoro, and several years of experience arguing over how to define our shitty branding.

It all comes live right here, thanks to the XANA Broadcasting Network as well as several linodes we forgot to pay for. You can tune in live on our website to both video and audio feeds, download each episode for free from our archive that finally has a cast page, subscribe to our podcast RSS feed if that’s a term you understand, or even find us on iTunes, a great way to avoid having to use this website.

Tail wagging action. Anytime our server is up.

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