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FurCast is a series of furry themed talk shows by XBN.

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Tail wagging action, Saturday at Midnight (3am).



Zoom Boom Room

Lots of catch-up from recent events and a huge roundup. We tried turning off the noise gates for this episode, which means all the mics in the room were on no matter who was talking. Does that make things better or worse? Let us know what you think.

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The New AV1 Codec

We’re excited about the new open source AV1 video & image codec. Nearly every major tech company seems to be behind it, so what’s the motivation? Our sysadmin doggo Riley and software developer wolf s0ph0s join to go on a deep dive on the history of AV1, what features it will bring, when it will start to appear, and how it even works.

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Mixed Hair Bag

Here’s a pretty normal episode to help you feel less on edge, especially during this crazy time. There’s many chaotic but important things going on out there right now. Stay safe, and support your friends that need it. #BlackLivesMatter

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