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Would you like to partake in a radio show during which it’s considered quite an admirable action to lose sight of the topic at hand? Do you have an unusual regard towards anthropomorphism? Are you intrigued by a culture based on just that concept? Would you relish the opportunity to occupy yourself with a cybernetically transmitted audio stream that, with single intent, vocally converses on the exact affairs of public inter-networking culture, lifestyle, and personal spirituality? Are you wondering why we are utilizing highly complicated contextually phrased questions with which to describe the manner of this broadcast? Then behold, we implore you to direct yourself towards FurCast forthwith.

From the awesome guys down at ..::XANA::.. Creations, and the producers of the
mindless Friday Night Tech Show, comes another radio show that is surely lacking in political correctness, while continuing to be interesting, fun, and entertaining.

FurCast is created and hosted by the analytical furry lifestyling Paradox, the artistically obsessed B, and philosophical realist Fayroe.

It all comes live on-air right here, thanks to the XANA Broadcasting Network as well as several syndicated furry broadcasting networks across the globe. You can tune in live on our website to both video and audio feeds, download each episode for free from our archive, subscribe to our podcast RSS feed, or even find us on iTunes for a plethora of insane furry related banter, fuzzy co-hosts, and the most insane IRC chat room you’ll ever be in.

Tail wagging action. Saturdays at 8PM Eastern Time.

Latest Episode

FC-217: HOLF!

We were in pain after producing this episode from laughing so hard. Thank you to all of our new patreon supporters! Patreon updates are coming soon.

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Previous Episodes

FC-216: Werewolf Fish

Just Paradox and Fayroe this week, as CJ was off at Furpock. We crank through some news and have some in-depth conversations over fan emails. A good discussion episode.

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FC-211: Oculus Yiffed

This week we have a guest mini-dragon join us while we read some usual news, and do a quick review of a new furry made video game that has quite an unprecedented purpose.

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FC-210: Demon Made Easy

Tonight we have a return visit from our six limbed (or seven if you count the tail) friend Phoenix and our cat dragon friend who helps us with audio stuff. Yep. We’re normal.

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